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Whether you’re angling a magnificent square cut into the covers for four or nicking a leg glance through the slips for a quick single – what you need is a reliable bat.


Let’s consider what you might be using when you take your place at the crease this summer.


Weight 1.38kg

A good all-rounder suitable for the intermediate cricketer. This bat has a nicely crafted air dried Kashmir Willow blade with thick edges that will withstand a good pounding from a fast bowler.

It has a shorter handle than some other bats of this type. It has a huge player area and a 3 TON chevring ring grip.

It also comes with a handy bag.

• Air-dried Kashmir Willow
• 3 TON chevring ring grip
• Carry bag

• A little heavy


Weight 1.22kg

A high quality handmade English Willow cricket bat at a great price.

These bats are individually shaped and handcrafted to ensure that the right amount of wood is in the right place to give the perfect balance and feel.

It is constructed from unbleached Grade 1 English willow.

The handle is made from robust cane wood and the bowed blade has thick, hard-wearing edges.

It also has a 100% money-back guarantee.

• Handcrafted
• Well balanced
• Cane handle


Weight 1.32kg

A quality, balanced bat with a power arc blade and contoured edges.

This eye-catching bat is made from durable Kashmir Willow and is designed to give top-quality performances on many different surfaces.

I loved the fact that the bat had a bit of extra meat behind the sweet spot which sent the ball racing away if I played the right shot! It is supplied with a carry bag.

• Air-dried Kashmir Willow
• Lovely stroke through the sweet spot
• Carry bag

• Short handle


Weight 1.22kg

A high-quality product from an established and trusted brand. This bat is made by the famous Newbury brand that has been making cricket equipment for over 100 years.

It is made from willow that is carefully selected for its weight, grain, and performance. The willow is then pressed for optimal performance.

It has a lovely balance and a full spine that distributes weight down to a low sweet spot.

• Legendary brand
• Pressed willow
• Low sweet spot


Weight 1.35kg

A handcrafted bat designed for professional and test level cricket.

This bat is crafted from top-grade English willow and is at the slightly more premium end of the market.

It has great balance and plays through the stroke very nicely. It has a large sweet spot and a bowed blade to allow you to really play off the front foot.

It has a Singapore imported cane handle which is covered in an octopus grip.

It also comes with a carry case.

• Top grade English willow
• Large sweet spot
• Carry case

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