Junior Batting Pads

Leg Guards & Batting Pads for Junior Cricket

Having found the right gloves and helmet for your potential Ponting, make sure that you complete the set by getting the right pads.

It is important to find pads that are comfortable enough to allow them to run between the wickets whilst also providing adequate protection. Let’s pad up…


Weight 1.5kg

A lightweight pad at a great price.

This pad is perfect for a beginner.

The thick comfort straps wrap around the leg, holding the pad firm in place whilst not compromising on speed or agility at the crease.

They are made with a dura-mesh material that keeps the legs well-ventilated on even the longest of innings.

These are the perfect pad for the younger cricketer who is facing the harder ball for the first time.

• Lightweight
• Dura-mesh breathability
• Thick, comfortable straps


Weight 1.5kg

A tough, resilient pad in the classic Newbury navy.

You could certainly be in no doubt of the provenance of these pads as you stride out of the clubhouse onto the pitch!

The iconic Newbury blue pad has a modern design whilst still stickling to its 7 bar traditional aesthetic.

It has a great level of flexibility, allowing it to wrap around the leg easily and the low-rebound foam absorbs impact without casing you any discomfort.

This might not be suitable as a first pad but will certainly be something to think about as your cricket progresses.

• Low-rebound foam
• Wrap around protection
• 7 bar protection


Weight 900g

A light pad that helps you to run easily between the stumps.

At under 1kg, this is one of the lighter pads available to the junior.

That said, what you lose in sturdy robust protection you make up for in the easy movements that this pad allows.

It provides a fair level of impact protection with an extended side wing and MDF cane rods, but the real benefit of these pads are the way that they allow you to move around the crease.

Perfect for an enthusiastic junior that is making their way up the batting order!

• Very flexible
• Light
• MDF Cane rods


Weight 1.53kg

County level protection in a brand new design.

These pads, in the classic orange and white of the Woodworm brand, certainly look great as you pad up for the innings.

The high quality construction is designed to dissipate impact energy and shock to the leg.

The rigid canes that run through the pad are great for holding the shape and they also
have extra side protection for the leading right leg.

These pads could certainly see you through your first few seasons against bowlers of all abilities.

• Extra leading leg protection.
• Classic woodworm colours
• Tough and long lasting


Weight 1.38kg

A good choice for your first pad. Great protection at a great price!

These competitively priced pads are made from moulded impact foam and designed to offer the protection you need in the lower tiers of junior cricket.

Whilst they would not stand up to county level bowling, they are a very reasonable starter pad – durable and lightweight.

If you are not used to wearing pads then light nature of these pads makes them a perfect choice as an introduction to padding up at the crease.

A great first pad that should see you through your first season at the wicket.

• Light
• Flexible
• A great introduction into wearing pads

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