Best Batting Gloves

Top Batting Gloves for Cricket

Finding the right pair of batting gloves can be the difference between a memorable innings and an embarrassing duck.

Batting gloves not only protect your hands from ball strikes, they also enable you to keep a tight grip of the bat as you defend your wicket. Try these on for size…


Weight 340g

A lovely pair of gloves from a great name in cricket.

These gloves have a premium ‘cougar’ leather palm with comfortable ‘MAXFLO’ ventilation.

They have a very secure neoprene wrist with a rubberised over flap and a standard hook and loop fastening.

They have effective side and finger end protection and a very comfortable soft brushed cotton lining.

They also feature a ‘total shock dispersal’ foam fill to protect you from the odd misjudgment!

• MAXFLO ventilation
• Shock dispersal foam
• Great wrist protection


Weight 400g

A durable, heavyweight glove that will provide maximum protection for the batter.

These gloves use a technology called ‘pro foams ultra’ which is a combination of layered and graded foams that provide impact maximum absorption.

They have a reinforced wrist bar that protects the radius and ulna bones in the wrist which is integrated into the wrist band itself in order that it does not detract from your playing style.

They also feature a durable and breathable sheepskin palm that keep your hands dry whilst providing a great grip.

A nice looking and professional glove at a good price.

• Sheepskin palm
• Wristguard
• Great grip


Weight 498g

A traditional style glove – tough, dependable and perfect for an opening batter.

These gloves feature a Grade A premium leather palm that provide exceptional grip, feel and moisture management.

The hybrid design combines traditional finger sockets with comfortable HDF foam to allow easy movement through the stroke whilst also providing the confidence that your fingers are completely protected.

Under the foam protection there is an additional layer of flat fibre to protect the back of the hand.

The gloves also have a high-grade elasticated sweatband to keep palms dry however long you are at the crease!

• Leather palms
• Great double hand protection
• Sweat bands


Weight 420g

A good, all-round glove at a great price.

These are great gloves for a beginner. They provide a certain amount of protection but are very flexible, allowing for maximum movement through the shot.

They have a soft, pitted palm and have a double layer of foam on each finger to deflect impact from the odd fast ball.

The forefinger and middle finger have extra padding on the tips – as this is, more often than not the spot, where the bowler can connect – and there is a further layer of padding across the back of the hand.

• Flexible
• Pitted palm for great ventilation
• Extra finger protection


Weight 240g

Budget gloves that will provide protection for a first time batsman.

Whilst these gloves might not be suitable to county level cricket (or above!), they are great value for money and would do a job for someone learning the game.

They are very lightweight and in no way restrict movement but the long pads on each finger will provide protection from all but the fastest of bowlers.

They are perfect for someone progressing into cricket gloves for the first time. They will give you a great chance to get to know the feel of the bat and the handle whilst not forcing your shots off target.

• Great price
• Adequate protection
• Great for training and beginners

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