Cricket Guards

Best Guards for Cricket

There is a sinking feeling unlike any other when a batsman reaches into the kit bag and realises he’s forgotten his box.

Facing a thunderous opening bowler is intimidating at the best of times but it takes a soul braver than I to take to the crease boxless!

Let’s make sure you will always have one to hand…


An innovative comfortable cup that fits into its own bespoke waistband.

Things have come on a long way since the days of the basic box. Amazingly, this product is a waistband and groin support all in one!

The waistband allows you to take to the crease knowing that the vented cup will remain in place throughout the innings and the cup itself provides maximum protection against impact.

The cup has an integrated gel perimeter to prevent irritation and is easily removed for washing.

• Integrated waistband and cup
• Gel edges
• Easy to wash


A beautifully contoured cup that provides a great level of protection.

This cup is made from super strong injected polypropylene which provides maximum protection whilst is no way compromising on freedom of movement.

It fits inside briefs and jock straps and has side ventilation to promote air flow.

It has a moulded thermoplastic rubber edge which prevents the cup itself from sliding and also guards against irritation and chafing.

• Great contoured shape
• Thermoplastic edging
• Very tough


A traditional design – robust, tough and won’t let you down.

This is product is a little more traditional looking. A white, hard-shelled plastic guard with padded white edges.

It is designed specifically with the cricketer in mind and is lightweight and flexible to allow you to run between the wickets.

It has soft padding around the outside of the guard to allow you to wear it comfortable for extended periods of time.

An essential product at a good price.

• Lightweight
• Soft padded edges
• Easy-wearing


A multi-purpose guard that will be at home on the crease.

Whilst this product is not directly engineered for the cricket pitch it certainly ticks all of the boxes that we need it to as we walk up to the wicket.

It comprises an elasticated cotton waist band with a snug pocket for the hard-shelled plastic protective cup.

The curved edges of the cup fit perfectly into the groin area, allowing you to defend your wicket, pile up the run total and drive through a range of shots whilst barely noticing that you are wearing it!

A must-have for the ambitious batsman.

• Fully integrated cup and band
• Comfortable
• Great level of protection


A top quality product at a bargain price.

This guard does exactly what the batter needs. Sits snugly in place providing essential protection where it is needed the most.

It is constructed from a moulded ABS shell – the same shell that is regularly used on a batter’s helmet – and has a soft padded edge to maximise comfort.

This guard is very well-priced and does exactly what you need it to do!

• ABS shell
• Padded edges
• Great price

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