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Best Cricket Leg Pads

Nobody enjoys their innings ending with the sight of the umpire’s raised finger after an LBW decision. Imagine how much worse it would feel if your leg had also been bruised (along with your pride) because you hadn’t been wearing the right pad!

Let’s make sure that at least one of those doesn’t happen…


Weight 1.85kg

A great looking pad that provides a great level of protection without compromising on movement.

These are a hard-wearing set of pads from one of the great names in the world of cricket equipment.

They have a tough, polyurethane facing.

They are filled with a high density foam that provides a comfortable amount of impact resistance.

They also have a stitched in ‘top hat’ to keep your upper thighs protected from the occasional short pitch.

• PU facing
• High density foam
• Stitched in ‘top hat’


Weight 2kg

A reliable and nice-looking pad that combines traditional and modern materials in one well-priced product.

These pads are constructed with lightweight reversed foam and reinforced cane rods to enable you to address the ball with confidence.

They also have a HDF side wing for added protection.

They feature ergonomically shaped calf straps which makes fastening a lot easier than on some other pads.

They combine shaped HDF with comfort fit MDF to reduce bulk whilst not reducing protection.

• Lightweight foam
• Ergonomic calf straps
• Comfort fit MDF


Weight 2.2kg

A top-end pad endorsed by England cricket star Ben Stokes.

These pads really look the part – traditional piping combined with the iconic GM logo – allow you to step out onto the crease feeling like an international.

They are made from a traditional cotton and can construction and have a comfortable PU instep to protect chafing on your ankles.

They have a stitched in ‘top hat’ to protect from higher pitches and have a comfortable foam vertical bolster that keeps the pad firm throughout the innings.

• Ben Stokes endorsed
• PU instep
• Foam vertical bolster


Weight 500g

A lightweight pad that provides a perfect combination of playability and protection.

This pad is constructed with innovative modern materials that allows it to protect the legs from a fast ball. It also allows enough flexibility to play that ball off the back foot into the covers!

It has a QUAD-Flex shin bolster that p[provides added protection to the lower leg and calf.

It also has a cotton padded thigh, calf and ankle to keep you comfortable throughout an afternoon at the crease.

• Lightweight
• Quad-Flex shin guard
• Flexible


Weight 1.45kg

A reliable and sturdy pad that is designed for county and Premier league standard cricket.

If you are facing bowlers of a county calibre then this pad would make a good choice.

It has HD foam bolsters that are reinforced with cane rods to give you maximum protection against the speediest of openers.

It has an EVA knee with poly-armour padding and a vapour foam instep for additional comfort.

It also has a diffuser foam wing to protect the sides of your legs.

• EVA Knee
• Vapour foam instep
• Diffuser foam wing

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