The Popularity of Cricket in Ireland

The Enduring Popularity of Cricket

Cricket is one of the fast-growing sports in Ireland. Ireland cricket has, in the past, gained international recognition for performing well in the world cup and outshining other teams.

Ever since the sport has been getting more focus, and many people want to be in full association with the game. With this kind of glory, the country is making investments to fund the team and making it more widespread.


With all the attention, Ireland wants the sport always to shine. Therefore there was an introduction of a governing body to manage all the activities regarding the game.

Cricket Ireland is the organization that oversees every detail of both the men’s and women’s cricket teams. The game plays out according to the way Ireland sees fit, maintaining its culture and history.

Because of the excellent organization levels, the national team has been able to play in international tournaments like the World Cricket League and ICC World Twenty20.

Also, it has become a member of the International Cricket Council.

Ireland Cricket Team.

In the past, cricket was a less popular sport due to poor performances and mismanagement. However, interested parties later came together and brought the formation of a union to help improve the stakes of the game.

The union saw the creation of a national team. Also, it further started promoting matches by coming up with leagues and fixtures. The team had an opportunity to get good coaches over time, which further gave guidance.

The Ireland national team began rising and making more significant strides relevant to the sport. They had opportunities to play against opponents like the scots who seemingly were a challenge.

However, the Irish took advantage and used the opportunities as a learning ground. Over time they later started emerging as winners in many leagues.

By the end of 2007, Ireland was among the top ten list of the world’s best cricket players.

With so much focus on the sport, there was provision for the creation of a cricket team for women. The women have been successful just like men. The women’s team has been on the leading front as members of the world associate women’s cricket. Although the women had the opportunity to play at the cricket world cup before men, of late, the men’s team is at the top with far much experience.

Apart from the two popular teams, the men’s senior team and women’s top team, there has been the creation for more opportunities for the Irish to participate in the game.

There is an academy which helps in training and nurturing of talent of the youth at a tender age. Also, several other national youth squads challenge each other through in house leagues set by the management.

Furthermore, there is a provision for any interested parties to gain membership in the team. Members have the opportunity to get tickets to the game, and if capable, you can invest by getting shares.

A cricket club is also available to further support the sport by allowing members to occasionally meet and participate in friendly matches, whether for leisure or professionally. Cricket in Ireland has grown to high levels, and with the current system of management, better results are yet to come.

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