Junior Batting Gloves

Best Batting Gloves for Junior Cricketers

You might be surprised to find out that even junior bowlers can get the ball bouncing down the wicket at speeds of up to 70mph! It is vital that junior batters find the right pair of gloves to protect their fingers. Let’s see which will fit them like a…(you guessed it!)


Weight 360g

Striking looking gloves that provide protection and flexibility.

These are a great pair of gloves for a junior cricketer. They are available in a variety of colours and ensure that your fingers are fully protected – despite still being very lightweight.

They have a double foam bar on the back of the glove to provide full protection to the back of the hand.

They also feature a split level palm which allows the thumb to fully hold the bat whilst the grip is in no way compromised.

They also have the classic GM logo displayed on the back and the wrist – a great cricketing look!

• Lightweight
• Great protection
• Split palm


Weight 300g

Great gloves for the training ground – breathable, lightweight and fairly solid.

These gloves are perfect for training in the nets or indoors.

While they might not provide enough protection for a full match, they certainly allow you to try out a few strokes with your friends without the worry of bruised fingers.

They have a leather palm with a great grip and long ‘sausage finger’ protection.

They have a lightweight strapped wrist and a fully split palm that allows your thumb to move freely.

Beware the lack of protection on the thumb, however!

• Lightweight
• Great grip
• Allow the wrist to turn freely


Weight 500g

The latest addition to the famous Firewall series. Heavyweight and surprisingly tough.

These gloves might be a little more than you need as a beginner, but they are a great price and will allow you to bat with confidence.

Whilst they are a bit heavier than some of the others on offer, the moulded absorption foam on the back of the hands and the fingers provide a great level of protection against a direct hit.

They have pre-curved fingers which is a great help for the slightly more experienced amateur and also side ventilation to manage moisture throughout the innings.

• Good level of protection
• Side ventilation
• Pre-curved fingers


Weight 430g

Endorsed by the England wicket-keeper and batsman, Joss Butler, these gloves are a perfect choice as your cricket progresses.

These gloves offer all-round protection without any compromise on movement or flexibility.

The three piece back of hand guard moves seamlessly with you as you play through the stroke.

The first two fingers of the glove are double split in order that you can direct the ball anywhere on the pitch and they come with hi tech protection chambers to keep fingertips safe.

• England international endorsement
• Maximum movement
• Protection chambers


Weight 340g

A functional, well-made glove that would be a great introduction to the world of batting.

This glove has an eye-catching blue and white design with an electric orange Adidas logo.

It has stretchy, breathable cotton down the side of each edge and good quality calf leather on the palm area.

It is hard-wearing and durable with a tough, elasticated wristband and is a great choice as a first batting glove.

• Lightweight
• Great branding
• Very breathable

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