Junior Cricket Helmets

Best Crickets Helmets for Juniors

It is now mandatory that all junior cricketers under the age of 18 wear a helmet when batting and keeping wicket. As the junior pitches are shorter, there is less time to react to the pace and direction of the ball so it is vital that the player’s head is protected.


Weight 1.16 kg

A safe, useable helmet – perfect for a beginner. Built to high safety standards.

This is a great helmet that features a removable sweat band as well as a removable steel faceguard.

It has a tough polypropylene outer shell as well as impact-resistant inner-padding for comfort and protection.

It features channel ventilation – which is great news if your find yourself out on the field for a long innings!

A great helmet for an enthusiastic junior.

• Channel ventilation
• Removable sweatband
• Very comfortable


Weight 680kg

A lightweight, comfortable helmet – A great choice for a budding amateur!

This helmet has a tough, fixed grill alongside robust ear protection that will allow you to take to the field with confidence.

It has a stiff peak that is fitted perfectly to the face grill. This greatly reduces the possibility of the ball passing between the two.

It has inner lined foam padding for maximum comfort and protection and an attractive cloth finish.

A professional-looking, comfortable and safe helmet.

• Cloth finish
• Fixed grill
• Ear protection


Weight 1.15kg

A good choice for a more experienced junior. Hard-wearing whilst remaining

This helmet has a rigid, high impact outer shell with an EPS lining that is designed to reduce the risk of any impact.

It employs a geodesic design for the grill which has been proven to provide optimal impact resistance from all frontal directions

It also features a dial adjuster band which means that not only will you be able to find a perfect fit; the helmet can also be removed mid-innings if you find yourself in a position for a breather. Maybe when you get that century!

• Geodesic design
• EPS lining
• Tough outer shell


Weight 1.25kg

A nice-looking, functional helmet that offers great protection for the head and neck

This is a stylish navy and yellow helmet that certainly looks the part as you go striding out to the crease.

It has a steel grill, tough outer shell and a comfortable foam inlay – a super combination of comfort and protection.

It is fully compliant to the latest independent safety standards and the brand is a firm favourite with the cricketers down under!

A professional looking and protective helmet.

• Looks great
• Fixed grill
• Head and neck protection


Weight 1.5kg

A top of the range helmet – a little more expensive but will be the envy of the club!

This helmet represents the ultimate in cricket helmet technology and safety.

It has a revolutionary titanium eye-line grill along with and airflow cooling system and a sophisticated Halo reinforcement system. This feature combines an inner and outer shell which together provide maximum protection and durability.

Maybe not the choice for your first cricket helmet but certainly something to bear in mind as the career progresses.

You certainly get what you pay for with this helmet!

• Halo reinforcement
• Titanium grill
• Airflow cooling system

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