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Best Cricket Balls for Match & Training Reviews

Not all cricket balls are equal! Just because a ball is shiny and red does not mean that it is the right ball for you.

Did you know that international balls are naturally shined and have no wax whereas many county balls are coated with several layers of wax? Let’s bowl you a few options…


Weight 155g

A great leather, handcrafted cricket ball that is designed to pass the test of time.

This is a match grade ball that provides effective hand grip and is suitable for both competitive matches and training.

It is not only available in the classic red that we all know and love, but it also comes in either clean white or striking pink!

Best of all, if the ball does not come up to your expectation (which I have no doubt that it will!), it comes with a promise of a full refund if not entirely satisfied.

• Hand-crafted
• Range of colours
• Full refund guarantee


Weight 111g

A durable, all-weather ball made from hard-wearing rubber.

Whilst not possessing the aesthetic of the traditional red ball, this bright orange rubber ball is perfect for training or indoor cricket sessions.

It is tough, long-lasting and designed to be knocked around on any surface without sustaining any damage.

Not necessarily the ball you would see opening a test match, but a must-have for the kit bag!

• Tough
• Use on any surface
• Durable


Weight 156g

A brilliant ball for a beginner looking to develop their technique and build confidence.

This ball is endorsed by the England cricketer Grahame Swann. It is perfect for the first time cricketer as it has a similar weight and bounce to a regular cricket ball but without the hardness.

It has an authentic stitched seam but is designed with a softer styled PVC outer coating, rather than the traditional leather.

It is perfect for finding out what you might be able to do as your skills progress!

• Great starter ball
• PVC coating
• Similar size and weight to real ball


Weight 183g

The ultimate match ball made to the exacting Australian standards that always impress.

This is a hand-stitched, match grade ball made from a four-piece construction with a three-layer, quilted centre.

It is perfectly waxed and then finished to the English standard with a durable hide cover.

It is a lovely looking ball with the iconic gold Kookaburra logo embossed on the crimson leather.

A great ball from a brand with over 125 years pedigree in the game.

• Hand-stitched
• Waxed
• Classic brand


Weight 146g

A competitively priced ball that can be used for training and match play.

This is a striking looking white ball that is hand-stitched with over 50 individual stitches.

It is a four-piece, tanned alum ball which is constructed with 5 layers cork, 4 layers of woven wool, and a robust, heard wearing cap.

It has a classic, old-style design – possibly a little more reminiscent of a baseball than a cricket ball! – and is sure to get people talking around the clubhouse.

Not what everyone might expect when leather meets willow but certainly worth a look.

• Hand-crafted
• Great looking
• Also available in red

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