Top Men’s Cricket Helmets

Best Cricket Helmets for Men

The last thing you want when you’re facing up to an opening bowler is to be worried that they will pitch a short, fast one that might bounce up toward your head.

Find the right helmet and you can concentrate on improving your run rate without worrying about the odd wayward ball!


Weight 4.54

An incredibly light helmet that provides great protection whilst making you look like a pro!

This helmet has improved peak strength alongside a precisely fitted grill that greatly reduces the risk of the ball striking the face.

It comes in navy, maroon or green and has the iconic GM logo displayed on the side.

It has a rigid, high impact outer shell that will protect the head from balls striking at speed.

• Range of colours
• Hard outer shell
• Great peak and grill strength


Weight 1kg

A heavyweight Australian helmet with a lightweight steel faceguard.

This helmet is fully compliant with Australian protective standards.

It is ergonomically designed for great comfort and fits really well thanks to its unique KCS fitment system.

It has effective shock dissipating polymer lining and outer ABS protection to allow you to face the fastballs with confidence!

Definitely a good choice for the season.

• Fully complaint with Australian standards
• ABS protection
• Very comfortable


Weight 800g

A great helmet for full head protection when batting or fielding close to the action.

This helmet has an adjustable rotation wheel at the rear that allows you to fit it perfectly to your head size.

It has a robust ABS shell and moulded thermo-padding for added comfort.

It is a striking navy blue colour and, at only 800 grams allows, the minimal weight in no way hampers your head movements on the field.

It provides a good level of protection at a good price.

• Fully adjustable to head size
• Thermo padding
• Very comfortable


Weight 925kg

A great helmet – new for the 2020 season and fast becoming a classic.

This is a fabulous looking helmet with a navy blue satin fabric set over a robust ABS outer shell.

It has three air flow vents to keep your head cool whilst you knock up the runs and stitched in foam lining to ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the innings.

It has an innovative factory fitted faceguard that also features added neck protection.

• Neck protection
• Well ventilated
• Foam lining


Weight 1.18kg

A great quality helmet supplied by a brand that is used by over 90% of cricketers in Australia and New Zealand.

This helmet provides great lightweight protection and is trusted by a large number of professionals.

It has interchangeable padding that allows the batter to find a perfect for for their head.

The adjustable chin strap and rubber chin cup are a snug comfortable fit and the moulded outer shell provides superior level protection.

It also has a fixed position powdered steel grill.

• Comfortable chin strap
• Tough grill
• Interchangeable padding

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